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The ExhiVISION team comprises our OutputLinks Group and our Israeli partner, Telemedia, collaboratively producing each ExhiVISION presentation.

By leveraging experiences gained over numerous drupa presentations, the ExhiVISION team crafts highly interactive, information-rich product demonstrations. As a result, your company’s unique ExhiVISION presentation is pivot-ready for live delivery to in-person and hybrid buying audiences.

Sales acceleration is the objective.

A hand holding a penDescription automatically generated with low confidenceOur ExhiVISION team accomplishes that objective with professional staging and camera angles to highlight your unique selling proposition and increase your presentations’ sales impact.


Your product’s unique value is intricately woven into the story-based script, supported by creatively designed text, audio, graphics, and motion elements throughout the presentation.


Your unique ExhiVISION crafted presentation provides a competitive advantage over old-style ‘point and speak’ product demos.

An ExhiVISION presentation’s scripting and staging are crafted to stimulate audience interaction to understand the buyer’s objectives and shorten sales cycles.

This Telemedia’s drupa productions sampling provides a glimpse of the possibilities for your product presentations.

To discuss accelerating your sales and marketing objectives with ExhiVISION crafted presentations, contact Andy at [email protected] or +1-713-532-8639.

Promoting print in the digital age,

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