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Industry reps are making a concentrated effort to expand the graphic communication library at Chowan University. Longtime industry consultant, Raymond J. Prince, is one of the leaders of the effort to gain materials for the school. Prince stated, “I am proud to support this effort and encourage my friends and associates to assist with the request f... Read More

Transmedia fonts allow companies, like IKEA, to maintain cross-media brand uniformity. “We are renewing the IKEA visual identity to make Ikea even more recognizable. Today, people experience IKEA in many different places, both physical and digital.”  With 200+ million catalogs, IKEA leverages print and font technology as a major component of their... Read More

Canon U.S.A., is poised to redefine sheetfed inkjet expectations by empowering customers to print high-quality graphic arts applications with a large color gamut on a wide range of standard offset coated media. "Within our industry, advancements in inkjet technology continue to evolve quickly and more dramatically than any other platform," said Shi... Read More