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An American Printer Commentary By Andy & Julie Plata, Co-CEOs American Printer In this, our third Commentary related to the January 31 announcement of Fujifilm’s proposed Xerox takeover, we share actions taken by Xerox’s largest and third largest owners. Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason together own approximately 15.2% of Xerox. Their Xerox stock wo... Read More

New York, N.Y., February 13, 2018.  Darwin Deason, a long-term and third-largest shareholder of Xerox Corp. (“Xerox”), has filed a lawsuit against Fujifilm Holdings Corp. (“Fuji”), Xerox, current Xerox board members and Ursula M. Burns, Xerox’s former Chairman and CEO.  The complaint was filed on February 13, 2018, in the Supreme Court of the State... Read More

Better Buys Once Again Recognizes Toshiba’s Product Innovation  LAKE FOREST, Calif. (February 13, 2018) — Toshiba America Business Solutions’ groundbreaking hybrid copier, the e-STUDIO™4508LP, continues to receive industry accolades earning the Better Buys 2018 Innovative Product of the Year award for best monochrome copier.    Better Buys’ editors... Read More

By Sid Chadwick “We also  test for ‘desire to learn’…..if a prospective employee doesn’t have an innate desire  to learn, there’s no need for us to invest our resources --- when there’s a built-in limitation – from the very beginning.”….................Tony Tedeschi, President, Piedmont Press & Graphics Warrenton, VA Introduction: The days of cheap... Read More

An American Printer Commentary By Andy & Julie Plata, Co-CEOs American Printer In our January 31 Commentary on Fujifilm’s proposed Xerox acquisition we stated the following: Although Xerox was valued at US$8 billion at the close of trade on Tuesday, Fujifilm announced Wednesday that they only paid $6.1 billion for the company. That seems like a bi... Read More

By Sid Chadwick “You just don’t luck into things as much as you’d like to think you do. You build step- by-step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities.”………..Barbara Bush Introduction: Let’s see, Fuji just bought Xerox for ….almost $2 billion….less…  then the closing share price --- this week…!. Don’t you wonder what the buyer and seller(s) were... Read More